Harwick’s practice utilizes photography, video, installation, sculpture, and collage to highlight identity, obsession, subversions, and perversions. His self-published zine, Bound Leather, demonstrates the central focus of his project work: to pull from cultural history and traditional fetish imagery while simultaneously subverting those standards by showcasing an array of people systematically excluded from the long-established canon. Originally started as a means of exploring and documenting the contemporary leather and BDSM communities through a photographic lens, the publication has grown in scope and scale over time. Harwick has exhibited domestically and internationally, and self-published his first monograph, By the Skin of My Teeth. He holds a BFA from Pratt Institute.



2023     By the Skin of My Teeth  |  CULTUREEDIT  |  Los Angeles, CA
         Sniffing Strangers' Gloves curated by Samantha Sutcliffe  |  XPIZZA  |  New York, NY
2021     SKiNFLiCK  |  URSA  |  Brooklyn, NY


2021     In Excess | Creamcake 3hd Festival: Power Play | Berlin, Germany
         Hollywood Forever  |  Other Subjects  |  Brooklyn, NY
2020     Ghost: The Shining Edition  |  VIDEODROOM  |  Ghent, Belgium
         Works From Home  |  ARTpartmentNYC  |  Brooklyn, NY
2019     Half Life  |  182 Avenue C  |  New York, NY
2018     Queer Zines / Queer Art  |  LGBTQ Center  |  New York, NY
2017     Just Add Water  |  Chinatown Soup  |  New York, NY
         Slide Show  |  169 Richardson St.  |  Brooklyn, NY
2016     Just Add Water  |  The Living Gallery  |  Brooklyn, NY


Schwules Museum  |  Berlin, Germany 
Tom of Finland Foundation  |  Los Angeles, CA
Leather Archives & Museum  |  Chicago, IL
UK Leather & Fetish Archive at Bishopsgate Institute  |  London, UK


2022     By the Skin of My Teeth book release & artist talk  |  Fotografiska  |  New York, NY


2023     London International Creative Competition  |  Shortlist


2022     Paris Ass Book Fair  |  Lafayette Anticipations  |  Paris, France
         NY Queer Zine Fair  |  Brooklyn Public Library  |  Brooklyn, NY
2021     Bushwig  |  Knockdown Center  |  Queens, NY
2020     Hester Street Fair  |  Fundraiser for Marsha P. Johnson Institute  |  Brooklyn, NY
2019     Goth Shop  |  Old Truman Brewery  |  London, UK
         Paris Ass Book Fair  |  Palais de Tokyo  |  Paris, France
         NY Queer Zine Fair  |  Brooklyn Public Library  |  Brooklyn, NY
         Hester Street Fair  |  World Pride Market  |  New York, NY
         Independent Art Book Fair  |  Industria  |  Brooklyn, NY
         Bushwig  |  Knockdown Center  |  Queens, NY
2018     Paris Ass Book Fair  |  Palais de Tokyo  |  Paris, France
         Bloodmoney  |  Lucas Lucas  |  Brooklyn, NY
         NY Queer Zine Fair  |  LGBTQ Center  |  New York, NY
         Cultural Traffic  |  That That Gallery  |  Los Angeles, CA
         Independent Art Book Fair  |  307 Kent Ave.  |  Brooklyn, NY
         Bushwig  |  Knockdown Center  |  Queens, NY
         It's Called Fashion Flea  |  Museum of Sex  |  New York, NY
2017     NY Queer Zine Fair  |  LGBTQ Center  |  New York, NY


2023     "Latex"  |  Wussy  |  Vol. 11
2022     "The Beating Heart of Kembra Pfahler"  |  Buffalo Zine  |  Issue No. 16 [Digital cover]
         "Marsha Pels"  |  Precog  |  Volume 7
         "Macy Rodman, It's a Miracle We're Alive"  |  My Comrade  |  Summer (Comeback) Issue [Cover]
         "On The Record, Off The Record: Vol. II"  |  The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black  |  Pioneer Works
         Assorted editorials  |  American Deadstock
         "Water Friends & Desert Wastelands: An Interview with Kembra Pfahler"  |  Precog  |  Volume 6
2021     "Christeene: In the Photography of Steven Harwick"  |  Cave Homo  |  Volume III: Day Sleeper
         "Rock 'N' Roll Gay Guy"  |  Macy Rodman  |  Music video
         "Love Me!"  |  Macy Rodman  |  Music video
         "Call me C8" & "Code Pink"  |  Façadomy  |  C8LYN Box Set
         "1983"  |  Man on Man  |  Music video
2020     "Kembra Pfahler, I Believe in Halloween"  |  DecameronTV for Red Bull Arts  |  Music video
         "Is That All There Is?"  |  Lady Bunny ft. Christeene  |  Music video segment in C#ntagious
         "Rave Trash"  |  Whatever21  |  Lookbook
         "Runnin' Down My Back"  |  Macy Rodman  |  Music video
2019     "Endless Kindness"  |  Macy Rodman  |  Album cover
         "Liv Tyler"  |  ALEXA / NY Post  |  Video editorial
2018     "Bound Leather Feature"  |  Cave Homo  |  Volume II: Visuals [Cover]
         "CreepySexyCool"  |  Minivan  |  Album cover
2017     "Zach Nutman, Needleporn Artist"  |  Drøme  |  Volume II
         "Holiday Gif's"  |  MTV
2015     "Thankful 2015 Pop Moments"  |  MTV 
         "Marilyn Forever"  |  ELLE Germany  |  Video editorial
         "Bad Blood"  |  Lutefisk Magazine  |  Issue 13

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